US Biomarkers, Inc. is a privately held, molecular diagnostics company and provider of epigenetic biomarker products and services with a focus on clinical assays and companion diagnostics for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Its epigenetic biomarkers possess the following characteristics:

  • Require only a small sample of blood for analysis
  • Detect cancer in different organs in the same test
  • Rule out confounding, non-cancerous events
  • Discern between aggressive and non-aggressive cancer
  • Detect cancer at a pre-invasive stage
  • Provide objective, observer-independent measurement
  • Predict the progression of cancer
  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatment

US Biomarkers has since developed and patented MethDet®, a novel platform technology for generating clinically relevant biomarkers that meet all the characteristics set forth by the Founders. The Company perfected state-of-art techniques for performing DNA methylation analysis of fragments of cell-free-circulating (cfc) DNA in the blood to get an accurate diagnosis of cancer of different origins throughout the body. Its approach has produced accurate biomarkers while no other investigator has been successful in developing effective biomarkers using cfcDNA in the blood because of the technical difficulties.

About Overview ImageUS Biomarkers, Inc has a unique leadership position in genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in ultra-small samples and development of signature biomarkers for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Our proprietary MethDet technology provides an unmatched potential to become a worldwide leader in Molecular Medicine by developing clinical biomarkers and clinical tests for differential diagnosis, personalized medicine, companion diagnostics, prognosis, and monitoring.

Cancer and benign disease, cancer and inflammatory disease can be diagnosed early by a simple blood analysis. We can provide guidance for drug development (companion diagnostics), for selection of appropriate drugs for treatment (personalized medicine), and for monitoring of disease status. Early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases is within reach.

Our unmatched technology brings a unified platform to diagnostic testing in an inexpensive and yet comprehensive format. In one test we will determine the presence of multiple diseases, their nature and location. Our commercial partners will benefit from companion diagnostic tests to accurately target their new drugs and weed out unpromising candidates early.

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