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US Biomarkers, Inc offers discovery services in DNA methylation  to develop epigenetic biomarkers that can be incorporated into customers' assays. Molecular diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and philanthropic organizations will benefit from US Biomarkers' unparalleled expertise and unique MethDet® technology enabling them to analyze minute samples of cell-free circulating DNA in blood and other biological fluids in order to develop highly accurate epigenetic biomarkers. 

Tissue-based studies can be done using fresh-frozen or formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples, for example tissue sections, biopsies, samples recovered from laser-capture microscopy, microdissected sections.

Biofluid-based studies can be done using blood plasma, urine, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid because all of them contain cell-free circulating DNA.

US Biomarkers discovery and development services serve many needs for customers including:

  • Identification – Early stage diagnosis and detection of cancer and neurodegenerative disease;
  • Monitoring – Monitoring of disease recurrence and state of patient health;
  • Characterization – Characterize the stage of the disease and a patient’s sensitivity/resistance to drug treatment;
  • Treatment – Determine the efficacy of a drug treatment and predict a patient’s response to treatment.

Typically, US Biomarkers' team performs a pilot feasibility study to assess the quality of specimens and the degree of differential methylation in comparison groups. This pilot study allows USB  biostatisticians to determine the scope of the project and the power of the study. With the customer’s input the team then plans the project and performs the analysis.

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